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Five Article Directories To Help Optimize Your Website

Content-based search engine optimization techniques are some of the best, most legitimate ways to help your website rise to prominence on the major search engines. This means writing blog posts or posting videos to your website that are relevant, timely and interesting.

One tactic in the strategy of content-based SEO is the use of article directories to get your content syndicated. Article directories are generally repositories of articles covering a wide range of topics - everything from aerospace to zoos.

The best directories have an editorial board who decide what articles will be allowed onto their site. Most have rules which contributing authors must follow in order to get syndicated.

Below are five online article directories that you can get started with. Remember not to duplicate your content though. If you create a blog post for your website, don't post it anywhere else, lest you get penalized by Google. Instead, try to create two streams of content - one for your website, and one for the directories. Similarly, avoid submitting the same article to multiple directories - again, duplicate content is a no-no.

So get out there and start submitting articles. Remember that once you get an article posted to one of these sites, there's a good chance it will get picked up and published on other sites as well. All of those backlinks to your site will get you started on the road to a well-optimized website.

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