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Mobile Marketing Penetration Trending Upward

Mobile Marketing Matters

Business owners who are searching for the best way to spend their marketing dollars should evaluate the new trend in mobile marketing. Recent studies show that consumers are using their cell phones, and other mobile devices to find information about products and services. In addition, many mobile device users are welcoming advertising on their devices.

What the studies show

Mobile marketing is on the rise.

Interactive Advertising Bureau released a study that shows that mobile users are not put off by advertising received on their devices. This same study showed that mobile device users use their phones, and iPads to find product information, find store locations and find out about special deals. This means that for most advertisers, a mobile marketing plan is a must.

Dominating the market

Google still retains the largest market share of online marketing dollars. In fact, recently it was determined that more than 42 percent of all advertising dollars were used for paid search advertising. This will also have an impact on mobile advertising. Device users still use search engines to find specific information, ask questions and find consumer reviews. In addition, it was determined that more than 60 percent of mobile advertising dollars are being spent on paid search.

Social networking and mobile ads

Facebook has joined the mobile marketing frenzy, offering advertisers a "mobile only" option for their ads. These ads are specifically geared towards users of mobile devices. Since many people "check in" on their Facebook pages from these devices, they can now see targeted advertisements directly in their timelines.

The market going forward

Chances are that as businesses of all sizes evaluate their online marketing efforts, there will be more focus on mobile devices. As consumers depend more heavily on their cell phones and other mobile devices, businesses must be advertising where consumers can see them. Every day, online advertising is playing a bigger role, gaining market share from traditional media.

Whether businesses focus their advertising dollars on paid searches, social media sites like Facebook or they split their advertising dollars between the two, these markets must not be ignored. As more consumers turn to the Internet for product information, it is important to learn about their buying habits. It is equally important for business owners to target their customers and potential customers where they are most likely to be found.

Since more than 20 percent of consumers are using their mobile devices to find product information and the majority of mobile device users (70 percent) have a favorable view of advertising on their mobile devices, businesses must take this trend seriously. It is also worth noting that the majority of respondents in this survey indicated that they were "shopping" on their mobile devices from home. While online advertising is growing in popularity, it is crucial to pay attention to the mobile advertising options that are available to you as well.

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