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  1. Not long ago, Adobe Flash had its 15 minutes of fame with web developers, providing company websites with a more interactive, animated look and feel to their websites. It brought websites from being static to giving them a sense of personality. Soon after, the Flash star began to dim, a dying technology. Its death knell may have come last week when the Firefox web browser started actively blocking Flash. This comes after a long campaign to end Flash from executives of companies such as Apple, Facebook and Chrome. Why would some of the web's biggest players be so united in their distaste for Fl...

  2. You have probably heard by now that your website needs to be "mobile-friendly" or "mobile responsive." You probably understand the importance of ensuring that your website is accessible on mobile devices, but are not really sure how to approach the project so it works seamlessly with your website. With the new Google Algorithm penalizing non-mobile websites, it is extremely important to understand what needs to be done to ensure your business remains competitive in an online environment.Responsive Web Design (RWD)according to the definition on Wikipedia is an approach to web design aimed at cr...

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  1. Why Isn't My Website Successful?

    Nothing is more frustrating than investing the time, money and energy into having a website built for your organization,...

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    Posted on 07/26/2016
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