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CSI Countertops

Client Name: CSI Countertops
Project: Website design and development; On-site optimization
Project Status: Complete

CSI Countertops is a premier crafter and installer of beautiful stone works of art that people use everyday as countertops. Since CSI's final product is so visually compelling, the decision was made early on in creative meetings between TWDA and CSI that large, prominent photographs would be featured throughout the website. CSI's established brand colors of red and black were amplified in the website's new design, imparting a hard-to-forget impression upon any visitors. Two slabs of black marble set the tone for the site, anchoring the header and footer of each page.

The site's architecture enables visitors to easily find what they're looking for, all the while being exposed to items they may be interested in as well. The catalog pages offer a simple-to-use top navigation, enabling the user to quickly go between CSI's different stone and accessories in stock. A Contact button follows the user wherever he goes, ensuring help is always only a click away.

In addition, CSI needed a way to easily and quickly manage a catalog of the different stone types they regularly get into their showroom. The Web Development Agency built the entire CSI site with a robust content management system (CMS), allowing CSI site administrators to upload entire folders of photographs from their desktop to the website, with the click of a button. In addition, the CMS allows the site admin to update slider images and copy, without the need for any elaborate photo editing software.

Once the new CSI website was on the verge of going live, The Search Engine Optimization team at The Web Development Agency went into the site's CMS and populated the simple-to-use SEO-relevant fields with keyterms relevant to CSI's business and customers. As a result, the site has already been driving new business into CSI's showroom, with customers citing the site as a reason they came in to the showroom. CSI's new website currently ranks on the first page of Google's search results for search terms including: Pennsylvania stone countertops #2, Pennsylvania countertops #2, Pennsylvania countertop company #1, stone countertop company #1.

From start to finish, developing our new website with the professionals at The Website Marketing Agency was an extremely smooth process. The content management system is easy to use and makes the site easy to update. The design of the site is very clean, matching our brand perfectly. Best of all, we'’ve been able to generate tangible business where customers specifically mentioned the new site.

Jon Walz, Owner

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