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Keevican, Weiss, Bauerle and Hirsch

Client Name: Keevican, Weiss, Bauerle and Hirsch
Project: Website design, programming and on-site optimization
Project Status: Complete

Keevican, Weiss, Bauerle and Hirsch is a law firm based out of Pittsburgh with practice areas that cover a broad range of business and legal needs, providing solutions in both traditional and innovative manners. Also under the KWBH umbrella are two other companies, Renaissance Partners and FiCap.

The firm decided all three divisions were in need of new sites and issued a request for proposals. They chose the team at The Website Marketing Agency to move forward with, selecting the State College agency ahead of many larger Pittsburgh firms vying for the project. In the proposal presented by TWMA, the team brought to life its vision for unifying the three divisions under a single corporate brand, with small differentiations between sites that still fell within the overarching brand.

The design of the new site includes the company's branding elements and colors, taking the established brand and amplifying it. The final look is exceptionally clean and easy to read, limiting user fatigue. The header of the new site features a sign-up to receive Business Law reports, search the entire site, or to join the KWBH social network.

The site's architecture will be highlighted by huge drop-down menus when users roll over the upper navigational menu items. Each drop-down menu will house enough information that many times a user will not even have to click on the link to get a good idea of the page's content. Because of the size of KWBH, this site structure became an innovative way to quickly showcase information without forcing the user to search the entire site for it.

The site's CMS will allow for a highly-intuitive process of updating site copy, photos and more - all without the need for any programming language or computer skills beyond the ability to update a Facebook page. This ease of access to updating the site will help to keep the site optimized for search engines, which look for consistently-updated site information when determining organic listing results.

The Keevican, Weiss, Bauerle & Hirsch website is one that is easy to navigate but really dynamic and complex in how we put it together. In particular, the linking of content for the profiles, services descriptions, education etc. It makes for an amazing user experience and is really efficient to manage for the folks at KWBH that are updating the site.

Bill Zaferopolos, Director Of Business Development

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