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Free Final Demand

Client Name: Free Final Demand (CMI, Inc.)
Project: Website Design & Development
Project Status: Complete

The completed website for Free Final Demand allows FFD’s clients to create accounts and then from one central dashboard manage their debtor portfolio. Each debtor in the client’s portfolio has a separate record on the site, onto which external files can be attached, notes taken, and status reports generated. Also from this central dashboard, the client can request Free Final Demand letters be sent to their debtors. The letter is intended to show the debtor a win-win solution to the recovery of the debt. If payment is not made, the client is automatically obtained by CMI Credit Mediators.

The functionality on the Free Final Demand website is complex in development but easy to use by clients. Some highlights of the website’s functionality include a client registration and login portal, auto-generated FFD letters, a database of customer and payment information, an integrated email marketing platform, and much more.

When CMI approached the website marketing experts at The Website Marketing Agency, they had an idea of what they wanted to accomplish, but didn’t have the experience to bring the platform to life.  TWMA outlined the goals of what CMI wanted to accomplish. From there, TWMA successfully developed a high-impact, mobile-friendly, functionally dynamic marketing tool for CMI.

Gene is the Creative Director at The Website Marketing Agency

"We’re very proud of the FFD site, which allows CMI to essentially have an automated feeder system to deliver online-generated leads on a regular basis", Yager said.

The website marketing experts at TMWA are able to provide their vast online marketing experience in projects that range in scope and size. TWMA is able to work with a variety of different budgets that will accomplish each client’s website marketing goals. To learn more about how TWMA can help you accomplish your online goals, contact us today.

We’re very proud of the FFD site, which allows CMI to essentially have an automated feeder system to deliver online-generated leads on a regular basis.

Gene Yager, Creative Director, TWMA

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