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60% Of Online Content Being Viewed On Mobile Devices

The number of Internet users utilizing mobile devices to view their online content has bypassed desktops and is steadily growing. According to a 2014 ComScore article, "Major Mobile Milestones in May: Apps Now Drive Half of All Time Spent on Digital," mobile users account for more than 60% of time spent online.

Because of the amount of Internet traffic on mobile devices, small to medium sized business have been forced to react, looking for an affordable option to ensure that users are able to view their content effectively online. It is more important than ever to provide visitors with the ability to easily read and navigate information on screens that are considerably smaller and compact than the websites people have been viewing on their desktops. It is a challenge to accomplish this, while not forgetting about the 40% of content being viewed on desktops.

Google has also recognized and reacted to this trend with a significant change to their search engine algorithm. Dubbed Mobilegeddon, Google is now penalizing businesses that don't adhere to various mobile friendly guidelines. They have released the Mobile-Friendly Test tool that tells businesses if their website is mobile friendly or not and explains why.

The good news is that businesses no longer need to create a completely separate mobile website as was the case a few years ago. The emergence of mobile responsive websites has allowed businesses to ensure their website is able to be mobile-friendly without having to build 2 separate websites. When your website is engineered as mobile-responsive, the screen will automatically reorganize content to accommodate the screen size that it is showing up on.

By making your website mobile responsive you are recognizing that over 60% of online content is being viewed on mobile devices. You are able to react accordingly to that trend, while keeping in mind there is still significant content being viewed on desktops as well. It is a solution that will provide your visitors with an effective and easy-to-use experience regardless of the vehicle you are using to view it on.

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