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A Website’s Main Image Slider Can Effectively Guide Your Visitors

When engineering a custom website, there are various functional elements that help tell the story of your organization. One element the internet marketing experts at The Website Marketing Agency utilize in all of their websites is the a main image slider.

The main image slider is a prominent serious of slides that display large, bold images coupled with effective call-to actions driving visitors to the most important portions of the website. The use of this slider is a fantastic way to effectively communicate your most important messages right from the start of the website visit.

When integrating a main image slider into a website it is important to ensure that the client is able to effectively and easily add, change and edit slides without having any programming experience. A website produced by The Website Marketing Agency allows this ability through the website’s Content Management System (CMS). A fully custom slide template is created and implemented into the CMS. From there the client can easily upload an image and edit the associated call-to-action. Once saved the client has a created a fully branded, customized slide for their website.

The main image slider occupies the most valuable space on the website’s homepage. With that being said, Google looks at this space equally as valuable. Where many main image sliders are flat images, it is important to ensure your slider is separating the text from the images. By doing this the search engines are able to recognize and place value on some of the most important content on your site.

The inclusion of a main image slider on your website is one of many ways to build an organized, communication based website for your company. When done correctly you are not only allowing your website visitors to easily navigate through your website, but you are also effectively communicating with the most important search engines.