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Automate Your SEO & Social Media Strategy

When developing a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and/or a Social Media campaign, the number one deterrent for our clients is the time it takes to not only develop effective, key-word seeded content, but actually remembering to actually post the content. When given the ability to automate these processes, the likelihood for a successful campaign becomes greater.

The website marketing experts at The Website Marketing Agency have custom developed a SEO/Social Media module integrated into our clients Content Management Systems (CMS). The module automates a content-based strategy that has proven to be the most important factor in generating search engine relevance.

Search Engines are looking for new and fresh content updated on your site consistently. The easiest way to update content is through an on-site "blog" or "newsletter." The SEO/Social Media module allows businesses to develop and schedule several posts at one time. When entering in the post, there is a publish date option that can be entered. On the chosen dates, the posts will automatically post to your website. This allows business owners to schedule their posts out ahead of time, ensuring that the site is being updated with effective keyword-rich content on a regular basis.

The module also provides an option that allows the update to automatically be posted to the company's Facebook page.

By automating these processes, it allows business owners to only have to setup their website content strategy once or twice per year. Business owners are able to address other areas of the website and their business, while effectively executing a SEO/Social Media strategy that is already in action.