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Does My Mac Have The Right To Free Speech?

Computers have a lot of power over modern man (and woman). They've managed to infiltrate every corner of our lives - from our homes, to our phones, cars, and beyond. Do our computers have the right to free speech though? It sounds like a crazy question - something out of Star Trek, but it's an argument being made right now on behalf of Google and other search engines.

This strikes as more than a little nutty, although Google's heart seems to be in the right place. Their aim seems to be thwarting government censorship, utilizing the strongest shield in the land as protection - the first amendment.

Google should take pause, however. In their quest to evade the heavy hand of Uncle Sam, they may be unwittingly creating a much larger problem. Government censorship is a rotten enterprise that thrives in the shadows, but it must be fought with the best disinfectant there is: sunlight. And who better to get the word out than Google?