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Establish An Effective Website Structure

The structure of your website is the key component when developing an effective communication strategy. Every company has it’s own unique online goals on how they want their visitors to learn and react to their website. The constant though should follow a basic strategy that works universally regardless of the industry that the site represents.

The first step of the process is determining the end game for your website visitor. It is vital to establish from the very start what action you want your visitors to take when they are finished on your site. This can be different for each website. Some examples include filling out a form, making an online purchase, a phone call, etc. It is important to make sure your visitor is reminded of that final action throughout the website.

The next step of the process is developing a hierarchy of content. It is essential to establish what information is the most important and what is the supporting content. Similar to the front page of a newspaper, your visitor should be able to look at the homepage and take in the headlines, or go deeper into the site to gather more detailed information.

The final step of this process is engineering a website wireframe. Similar to building a house, the wireframe is the blueprint for your website. Prior to implementing design elements, it is essential to map out where all of the functional elements will be placed throughout the site.

By following this process, you are ensuring that you are satisfying the main objective of having a website, which is to effectively communicate your products and/or services to your target audience(s). When completed correctly, the design and branding elements will have a more positive impact on your visitors. 

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