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Facebook's Growth Leveling Off, But Social Media Marketing Will Be Around Forever

Recent reports in The Wall Street Journal have noted social media giant Facebook's slowing growth, particularly in the United States. Some investors are concerned about the company's ability to increase in revenues year to year. Is this the beginning of the end for social media marketing? Where does it go from here?

Relying on a single social media outlet for your business is a shortsighted approach. Your target customer is likely on several social media sites, and you should be too. Twitter and LinkedIn are a good start, but there's a lot more where they came from. Try Google+, LiveJournal, or MeetUp too. Each offers an opportunity to diversify your social assets and meet new potential customers.

Facebook's growth may be leveling off, but social media marketing will be soaring for a long time. Finding new outlets for your company's social greatness is one key to maintaining healthy relationships with your target market.