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Firefox Bans Adobe Flash - Is Your Website Affected?

Not long ago, Adobe Flash had its 15 minutes of fame with web developers, providing company websites with a more interactive, animated look and feel to their websites. It brought websites from being static to giving them a sense of personality.

Soon after, the Flash star began to dim, a dying technology. Its death knell may have come last week when the Firefox web browser started actively blocking Flash. This comes after a long campaign to end Flash from executives of companies such as Apple, Facebook and Chrome.

Why would some of the web's biggest players be so united in their distaste for Flash?  For starters there are serious security concerns when it comes to Flash. It is a hotbed for hackers to break in and wreak havoc on Flash-run websites. Also, the load time for Flash-based websites are way too slow and tend to drive people away from websites as opposed to driving them in. Of course load times are one SEO indicator, making Flash a double-whammy here.

The solution is utilizing HTML-5 as opposed to Flash. There are several advantages to this solution, number one being it is a more modern technology (2014 versus 1995).  Also, it is more mobile friendly, which is becoming a standard for all websites. Finally it is not a plug-in, so it is not susceptible to hackers.  

The downside to this news is that websites that are built in Flash will now need to be redesigned and built utilizing HTML-5. The investment in having your website move from Flash will provide you and your visitors with a more modern, dynamic and safe experience from the website that you currently have.

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