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Five Tips For More Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing is a fantastic way to initiate a conversation with current and prospective customers. When done correctly, email marketing can establish the author, and in turn the related company as industry experts.

The trick is ensuring the email content is something that is going to get the attention of the target audience. In a world where we get countless amounts of emails trying to sell us something, it can be a challenge to entice a prospective customer to take a few minutes to read the content.

Here are five key items to remember when putting together your email marketing content.

1. Email marketing content should be representative of the expert knowledge that the writer has about the topic being discussed. It is important to ensure the reader views the author as the industry expert on the topic being discussed.

2. Email marketing content should not be overly sales oriented. The content should establish the author, and in turn the company, as an expert resource on the topic being discussed. If the reader views the author as an expert resource, the sales opportunities will present themselves. A secondary call-to-action at the end of the email is all the sales oriented content needed.

3. Email marketing content should direct the reader to the company website. When the author establishes him/her self as an expert on the topic being discussed, there should be an opportunity to further research the company with direct links to different relevant areas of the company site.

4. Email marketing content should be relevant to what is happening in the industry. The goal is to ensure that the topic being discussed is relevant enough that prospective customers will want to read it, use it as a resource, and ultimately go to the company website to gain further knowledge about related topics.

5. Email marketing content should be accompanied with an effective title/subject line. The title/subject line should clearly state what content the reader will find in the email. Your title is the most important part of this strategy because it is what will generate the interest of your readers and ultimately your future clients.

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