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Get The Most Out Of Your Website With A Great Content Management System

In the dark ages of marketing your business online, the world was controlled by well-meaning IT website gatekeepers. To do something with your website - say, add a splash page to coordinate with a media campaign - you had no other choice but to go to the gatekeepers. Want to add a blog post? Change a homepage photo? Create a link that initiates a file download? To the gatekeepers! But the gatekeepers were busy people with no real eye for marketing.

The results were predictable - untimely and unsightly. Such were the dark ages of Internet marketing, a sad place where over time, business owners gradually lost the will (and the budget) to update their websites at all. Business websites grew stale and stagnated; once-great communications tools sat in silence.

One day, a great champion of the people rose to challenge the gatekeepers. The way forward was Content Management Systems, the champion bellowed. With the right CMS, gatekeepers would be rendered irrelevant; the power would be in the hands of business owners.

When the business owners heard this, their hearts leapt with joy, until one of them raised his voice to say none among them had programming skills. How would they be able to update their websites when they couldn't write code? The champion responded, telling the business owners that updating their sites would be as easy as updating a Facebook page!

The business owners stood in awe. They were truly free, free to update their websites as often as they wanted to, free to set various levels of security access to their websites, and free to get the most out the most powerful marketing tool available to them - their websites.

The years that followed were a happy time, when business websites flourished with new content, functionality, and automated processes. The gatekeepers fell by the wayside, a relic of history. All was good, except for the next town over, where unaware business owners still toiled under the yoke of the keepers of the gates...