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Google's 10-Minute Primer On Search Engine Optimization For Small Businesses

Getting your website to rank well in organic search results can be a very challenging, though equally rewarding task. SEO is fraught with potential pitfalls that can get your site sent to the bottom of the search barrel, so understanding search engine optimization techniques is paramount to successful efforts.

Luckily, the biggest player in the search engine game has produced a video that amounts to a quick primer on site optimization tips and techniques to get your site on top. Google's "SEO for startups in under 10 minutes" walks the viewer through some of the basics of search engine optimization, in addition to providing some solid marketing advice as well.

While a professional SEO company can help you take these tips to another level, the video is still chock-full of useful hints.

Check it out, and consider how much potential revenue your company is leaving on the table for competitors to scoop up if you continue ignoring the optimization of your website. Is it worth reallocating some of your traditional advertising budget to better prepare yourself for shifting trends in how people make purchasing decisions? Is there really any other choice?