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I Need A New Website, But How Do I Get Started?

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I Need A New Website, But How Do I Get Started?

Your company may be having internal conversations about the need to update your company's website. There are many reasons why you may need a new site. You may be looking at your competitor's websites and realizing your own online presence isn't having the same kind of impact. You may be researching the countless functions your website should be doing that it currently isn't. The Internet marketing experts at The Website Marketing Agency understand how challenging getting a great website can be. They have developed a website design and development process that provides business owners with a world-class online presence.

The process starts with developing a website analysis. This is done free of charge for all TWMA prospective clients. It is an essential during this step to learn as much information as possible about your business. Information including the products and services you offer, what sets you apart from your competitors, and what are some of the goals you want to accomplish with your online presence. This information is different and unique for every client. Having an understanding of what the company wants to communicate is essential when deciding what website functions to incorporate in the site. From there the development of the wireframes (blueprints) for the new website can begin.

Website wireframes are very similar to a blueprint when building a house. Initially taking design out of the equation, it is important to develop an overall structure of how you want your website organized. This is done by establishing a hierarchy of information and organizing that content to represent the most important information more prominently, while utilizing the remainder of the information and graphics as support.

Once the wireframes are established, the site then goes into the design phase. Having multiple options is important when designing a site. While the designs are always unique, it is extremely important to ensure the colors, fonts, and various design elements are consistent with your company's brand. When a visitor leaves your site there should be no questions about who you are or what your brand looks like - a brand impression has been made.

The final step of the process is programming your website. This essentially takes all of the steps that we have taken to this point and brings your website to life. When programmed, the website administrator will have the ability to manage various functions, content, graphics, video etc. through and award winning, open-source Content management System (CMS).

When all of these steps are completed your website will be ready to go live. Your site will be the culmination of a well-considered and implemented strategy of how to effectively communicate with your target audiences. The functional elements that help your target audience complete tasks that lead to a buying decision will be featured prominently, and will be contained within a branded marketing tool that works hand-in hand with your other marketing materials. This is what a successful online presence will do for you when done correctly.