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Is Your Website At Risk Of Losing Half Its Traffic?

As of April 2015, Google has started penalizing website that are not mobile-friendly. Essentially, if your website is not mobile compliant, your website will probably start to suffer in Google’s search results. There are very valid reasons why Google has updated their algorithm. With the majority of searches coming from mobile devices, there are even more reasons your business website  needs to be mobile friendly.

Google’s number one customer is the searchers looking for various products and services on their search engines. If the searcher’s expectations aren’t met, the value of the search engine begins to diminish. Google has recognized that over 60% of online content is being viewed on mobile devices. This makes it essential that the websites that searchers are finding are matching expectations they have while viewing on their mobile devices.

Mobile websites in the old days were much more complicated to develop. Typically, a business would have a main website that would be viewable on regular desktop computers. From there, they would have to develop a second website that would be optimized for mobile devices. The emergence of mobile responsive websites have allowed companies to have one website that resizes and reorganizes information based off the size of the viewer's screen. This takes away the need to develop a second website.

Google wants an optimal experience for all of its search results. They want the websites that they are serving up to be relevant, easily viewable, and active. They see the value in awarding companies that recognize and respond to the amount of content being viewed on mobile devices as well as regular desktops alike.

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