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Is Your Website Mobile Responsive?

You have probably heard by now that your website needs to be "mobile-friendly" or "mobile responsive." You probably understand the importance of ensuring that your website is accessible on mobile devices, but are not really sure how to approach the project so it works seamlessly with your website. With the new Google Algorithm penalizing non-mobile websites, it is extremely important to understand what needs to be done to ensure your business remains competitive in an online environment.

Responsive Web Design (RWD)according to the definition on Wikipedia is an approach to web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience-easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, planning and scrolling-across a wide range of devices (from desktop computers to mobile phones).

RWD allows your website to automatically resize and reorganize content depending on the size of the window the site is being viewed on. RWD jumped on to the scene in 2013, and in just two short years, has become a standard practice when developing company websites.

One example of a nicely done responsive website is from a company that provides apartments in State College, Pennsylvania - Nevins Real Estate Management. 

When putting together a mobile website the old way, companies would have to develop their core site, and then additionally, have a secondary mobile-specific website developed as well. It was an incredibly expensive and inefficient way to showcase your business across various platforms. The result was not many businesses did it. The majority of websites being developed now are all very cost-effectively incorporating RWD into the development of the core site.

With the emergence of RWD, and over 60% of online content being viewed on mobile devices, it is absolutely essential to ensure your website is mobile-friendly. Google for one has noticed this trend and is now penalizing non-mobile friendly websites on their mobile search results. Your websites visitors now have a user expectation that your website will be responsive.

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