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Kansas City Gets Nation's Fastest Internet Connection

Google has begun showing the future of the Internet to the lucky residents of Kansas City, the winning city in the Google Fiber national contest. The city will now be wired for Internet connections up to 100 times faster than typical speeds in the US. Thus, the good people and businesses of Kansas City will get an Internet experience on steroids, and a glimpse into the future.

Opening the throttle on the Internet has the potential to invigorate the economy in ways few could predict. The types and varieties of new business models that would emerge from a national adoption of Google Fiber would be endless.

Of course, the future is now for many other parts of the world, where people and businesses have had access to these ultra-fast speeds for some time now. Keeping up with the world in this area will be vital to the United States succeeding in competing in the 21st century. Our information superhighway needs to undergo massive lane increases, and it seems natural to see Google leading the charge.