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New Website Changes Affecting SEO, Speed & Security

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New Website Changes Affecting SEO, Speed & Security

Recently there are some exciting changes that will help boost your website's effectiveness in Speed, SEO and Security.

By installing a https security certificate on your website, you are ensuring that your website is more secure. Google recognizes this, and is giving websites with a security certificate an additional SEO boost. you can read an article referencing these benefits by clicking the link below.

In the past companies had to purchase a security certificate and then install them to their website. the non-profit group, Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) is now offering a new certificate authority called Let's Encrypt. This will provide a free certificate to be installed onto your website. 

So, by installing a HTTPS/SSL certificate on your site, you are increasing your SEO and your security. Additionally, HTTPS also increases the speed of your website. There is a test available to demonstrate the difference in the site speed of HTTP compared to HTTPS. You can try the test by clicking the link below. 


Meanwhile HTTP/2 is the second major version of the HTTP network protocol. It is the first upgrade to be implemented since 1997. The biggest advantage that HTTP/2 will provide is the increased speed and load times of your website. You can view some additional information by clicking the link below. 


These upgrades, as well as site speed in general are  factors that search engines are rewarding when crawling your site.

To learn more about how to implement these changes, contact the website marketing experts at The Website Marketing Agency.