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PA Web Development Functional Tools For Both Web Visitors And Web Administrators

When getting ready to engineer a new Pennsylvania web development project for a business, we traditionally hear the same assessment of what companies would like to see different with their new sites. We hear the terms like ease of use, updated design, improved website architecture, etc.

The Pennsylvania web development and marketing experts at The Website Marketing Agency agree with our clients 100% that these elements are extremely important when developing a new website. What clients don't typically realize about websites, is how functional tools and elements can also take the user experience to the next level.

By coupling various functional elements with our award-winning caliber PA web design, you are able to not only provide your website visitors with a more effective and useful experience, but also making the job of the website administrator more efficient.

A good example of our Pennsylvania web development functionality is the video solution we incorporate in our websites. This solution allows website administrators to update videos on both their YouTube page and their website with one very easy step. How we accomplish this is by the development of a functional element within the Content Management System where our clients can input their business YouTube page in the appropriate field. From that point forward, whenever they upload a video to their YouTube page it is simultaneously added to the desired video page on their website.

There are several advantages to incorporating this element into our clients' websites. First, YouTube provides our clients with free video hosting that will save them a bill every month. Secondly YouTube is the second largest search engine, with Google being the largest. By having videos available on YouTube, our clients are providing their target audience with another effective way to find them. Finally, because search engines see backlinks as gold, the search engine spiders have another reason to believe our clients' websites are relevant. In turn, this strategy helps to increase their organic search results.

This is just one example of how the Pennsylvania web development experts at The Website Marketing Agency look to set the websites that they engineer apart from the competition. In the end clients are provided with a website that both speaks to their web visitors, while also providing the website administrators with the tools to promote the site and business efficiently and effectively.