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Sales Strategy Using Effective Website Messaging

To ensure maximum effectiveness of messaging - for site visitors as well as search engines - your website should be much more than just a basic informational brochure for your company. Utilizing your site's Content Management System (CMS), you are able to efficiently incorporate your website into your company's sales strategy.

What are the tactics that play into accomplishing this strategy?

It starts with developing effective content marketing tactics that communicate the expertise of your company. There are a few different ways to utilize the content that you have developed in order to get in front of your audience.

The first way is to develop a blog that establishes your company as the industry expert. One of the main reasons that website visitors are coming to your site is to research your company and look to your company as a resource. By posting regular and quality content, you are able to position yourself ahead of your competition.

Secondly, within your CMS you have the ability to create various splash pages where you can target different segmented groups with specific information that is relevant to each audience individually. For example, if you are a lighting company looking to communicate with hospitals about their hospitals lights, you can set up a splash page that has information that is relevant and focused only to their needs. This is a tremendous way to show that you have products and services that are unique to what they need.

Finally, having an effective email marketing strategy is a great vehicle to target and send all this amazing content to your targeted audiences. When prospecting, the goal should be to find the main decision maker's name, position and email. By gathering this information you are able to develop various segmented email lists. By doing this, you have the ability to send targeted content to current and prospective clients that is relevant to their individual needs.

The marketing experts at The Website Marketing Experts are able to set this entire strategy up from the comfort of the Content Management System (CMS) that they provide to their customers. When executed correctly, it is an amazing and tremendously impactful sales strategy that has proven successful.