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Seven Actionable Tactics For Better Press Releases

A good press release can go a long way towards added publicity for your company, getting your name out there for prospective customers to see. It can also help to optimize your website for search engines. As a component of a comprehensive marketing plan, press releases – when appropriate and done correctly- can play an important role.

1. Be bold and newsworthy.
Contact the media outlets you're most hoping to get published in. Speak to the news editor or the managing editor about your press kit. In a calm, friendly way, explain why its a newsworthy press release, detail the contents of the press kit, and offer interview opportunities when possible.

2. Be comprehensive. A good media kit used to cost money to produce. You had to print and mail multiple pieces of printed collateral to a lengthy list of PR contacts. Today there's no excuse for not including photos, video, charts and graphs with your digital media kit. Your press release is a big deal - make sure your press kit reflects that.

3. Be precise.
You should have a very clear reason for sending out the press release. The more precise you are about the entire release, the better your chances of it getting picked up. So, for example if your press release is about a product launch, don’t go on a tangent about

4. Get great quotes.
Your quotes are the absolute backbone of your press release. They let the reader connect directly with the source of the press release, and eventual article or blog post (we hope).

5. Build relationships. Get to know people who work at the publications you submit releases to. Even if its just through email, building relationships can be a vital asset when time comes that you need to get something published. Also, you’ll get to know each editor’s preferences, and tailor releases accordingly.

6. Get the basics right. There’s a good reason why press releases are formatted in a specific way. The inverted pyramid, headlines, contact info., all neatly organized in a time honored fashion. You may think you’ve got a better way, but best to play it safe and stick with the format most editors will be familiar with. It will increase your publish rate.

7. Make it easy. By including photos, videos, and other collateral information with your press release, you’re making the editor’s job easier, and making it more likely that your release gets a more prominent placement.

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