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Steps To Make Your Website Mobile Compliant

There are standard practices that Google’s search engine algorithm is looking for to ensure your website’s mobile visitors are enjoying a mobile-friendly experience. When implemented the effect on mobile searches is vast. The question that most small to medium sized businesses have is, “what exactly needs to be done to ensure that my website is mobile-friendly.”

The first standard practice to implement is using legible font sizes. When the fonts on the page are too small, they become unreadable on smaller, mobile devices. These fonts may look better on larger desktop screens, but will get progressively smaller as the screens get smaller. Spacing also is an issue when considering fonts that are mobile friendly. It is important to consider fonts that provide appropriate spacing when viewed on mobile devices.

The next standard practice that is essential for mobile-friendly websites is the configuration of your viewport. The viewport is what controls how your website is viewed on mobile devices. When your viewport is configured correctly, your website becomes mobile-responsive. The content and images on the page optimally scale to fit on the device that the site is being viewed on. This allows for a consistently favorable user experience regardless of the size of screen.

Finally it is important to prioritize the viewable content on mobile devices. When working with limited space it is a challenge to efficiently provide the most impactful information to visitors. It is important to develop a hierarchy of content, establishing what content is most important to communicate within the space allowed to you. This will allow you to provide your mobile visitors with a high-impact impression of your brand.

Over 60% of online content is being viewed on mobile devices. With that kind of viewership, it is vital to ensure that your online marketing is optimized for both desktop and mobile. By communicating effectively with both of these users, you will have a tremendous organic impact on search engines.

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