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Use Your Website To Prospect New Business

Effectively utilizing your company’s website, email marketing and digital meeting software have replaced the door-to-door approach to prospecting new business.

The days of going door-to-door to obtain appointments are over. The time spent aimlessly driving around looking for prospects that may or may not be interested in your services is incredibly inefficient. The initial contact should come via a phone call, utilizing an effective voicemail and email to obtain an appointment from your prospect. This allows you to develop a prospect list that is located in a more broad geographical area and hyper-targeted to prospective clients that are most likely to have a need for your goods and services.

As you make your prospecting calls, it is vital to obtain as much decision maker contact information as possible. This includes name, position, email, and direct extension. As you gather information, develop a spreadsheet that will organize your prospects and their contact information.

Email marketing is an amazing tool to keep in contact with your prospect list on a regular basis, keeping your company top-of-mind. When sending emails, it is important to mix in industry related information that helps your prospects realize their needs, while also looking at various call-to-actions that will drive your prospective clients to your company’s website. When utilized correctly, email marketing allows you to have a constant presence in front of your prospects, so when they have a need for your services and their blinders go down, they know who you are and how to reach you.

Once an appointment is obtained utilizing meeting software such as GoTo Meeting allows you to make a sales presentation from anywhere in the world. This meeting software allows you to share your screens (presentation) with multiple guests from multiple locations.

While the face-to-face meeting strategy has not completely gone extinct, your prospective clients have become accustomed to a more efficient and effective way of doing business. By utilizing these methods correctly, you will be able to reach a more targeted audience in a more broad geographical area.