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Vital Steps To Getting A Great Business Website

When its time to redesign your company’s website, there are a few steps that you as the client can follow in order to maximize the project’s success.

In most cases the content, design, and overall identity of the new website will build upon what you and your business have already established. The most vital step is organizing your content and developing a hierarchy of information. You can accomplish this by ranking your content in the order of importance. By establishing this from the start, you are going into the wireframe stage knowing what the main content is, while funneling it down to the supporting content. This is done at the start of the project with the assistance with the Internet marketing experts that are engineering your new website.

The next pieces that you will supply to your website developers are the copy and photos that will be populated in your site. After the wireframes are established, you will know what the overall navigation and content structure will look like. From there you can dictate what content you want integrated on the various pages throughout your new website.

Content can come from a variety of places that you mostly already have established. This can include brochures, your old website, sales material, testimonials sent in etc. It is important to remember that the information on your website is a more interactive and dynamic medium to communicate the same message that you already have established. When new content is needed, it’s important to retain an Internet marketing expert with the experience to make it a success both editorially and from an SEO perspective.

Finally, it is important that you have copies of all of your established branding elements to provide to the website developers. This includes logos, content and fonts that are tied to your brand. It is absolutely vital to ensure that your website represents the look and feel that communicates an integrated brand identity.

Most companies have a good idea of what they want to communicate with their website. The Internet marketing experts at The Website Marketing Agency have the experience and knowledge to take that information and organize it in a way that will provide your company with a world-class and successful website.