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Was Your Email Password Compromised In Yahoo Security Breach?

If you're worried that your Yahoo! email password was among those stolen in a recent hacking heist, there's an easy way to check. Just go here and type your email address into the field. In a few seconds, it will let you know whether or not you were one of the victims.

If your email account was among those whose password was published by the hackers, go and change it. If you used the same password on multiple websites, change those too. If you had emails in your account with any other passwords, change those.

While it's impossible to fully protect yourself from such incidents, you can mitigate potential damage. First, don't use the same password for multiple online accounts. Next, avoid simplistic passwords. Finally, change your passwords from time to time.

Website security will grow more important as these types of hacks proliferate. Getting a professional agency to design and secure your company's website is a great first step towards ensuring your website-and your customer base-remains secure.