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"Wayback Machine" Lets Users Go Back In Time Online

OK, this is pretty cool. A project called Internet Archive: Wayback Machine has been taking snapshots of websites around the Internet for the past 16 years or so. A search field on the site lets users enter a URL, and then select when in its history the site will be shown. It's really interesting to see the progression of web design and user experience throughout the years. Back in 1996, The New York Times homepage was barely more than a few headlines in a design that was wider than it was tall. Compare that with the current Times site homepage, which contains dozens of headlines in an immersive experience containing audio and video files, slideshows, blogs, and more. In those 16 years, the paper mirrored the rest of the Internet as it underwent a total transformation in the product presented online. From what was initially a snippet of the print product, is now something that in many ways supersedes the paper and ink version.