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I think I'm in love with my website.

Can a person fall in love with a website? Is that such a crazy idea? My website is a thing of beauty, something to be admired and complimented. It makes people ooh and ahh, stealing awkward glances while they hope their website isn't paying attention.

I pamper my website, letting it stretch its legs on a dedicated server. I get it special gifts, like integrated email marketing systems and dazzling demos that show off its simple elegance.

My website speaks to me in calm, soothing tones, assuring me of vastly improved efficiency and accomplishing more with fewer resources. It anticipates my needs, and streamlines my workflow. My website understands that I'm happier when I work smarter instead of harder, and it wants me to be... happier. Knowing how little tasks can pile up, it handles them for me, automating social media distribution, newsletter e-blasts, video pages, and so much more.

And speaking of communication, it really is the key to any relationship, and my website understands this perfectly. There are no games, no coded messages, what you see is what you get. It's not closed off to me like some websites. It opens up to me when I want to update it with new pages, information, images, videos, and form fields.

When I go to meetings, my website goes with me and assists in my presentation. Of course, everyone is always happy to see it.

The word is getting out about my site, and I watch as it rises to prominence in organic search results on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Its charms bring new clients in to learn more about the company behind the site.

It's a cliché, but my website and I enjoy a symbiotic relationship. Yet there it goes, entertaining and informing each and every visitor that stops by, even when I'm not around. It's reliable, trustworthy, stable.

Sometimes, I'm embarrassed because of how great our relationship is. I hear stories about people who have websites that are closed off to them. About websites that refuse to updated by anyone but a programmer. A programmer?! That's not a loving relationship.

As for my site, it's never upset, and it lets me get into its back-end whenever I want and... well...

I think my website and I need to be alone for a little while now.