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Website Branding Is More Than Just How It Looks

When thinking about your company's brand, the first thing that comes to mind is typically your company's logo, colors and fonts. While these elements are indeed important when leaving a brand impression, it is also important to look at how your overall communication reflects your brand as well. This is particularly true when putting together your company's website.

Developing a communication and functional blueprint, also known as a wireframe, is the first step in engineering an effectively branded website. By doing a wireframe you are able to outline the entire user experience of the site prior to incorporating the design. It is important that when your customer is visiting your website that they are able to easily find the most important information that you want to communicate. From there they should be able to work their way through a logical progression of information that will allow them to make an effective buying decision without questioning who you are, what services you offer, and what makes you different.

Next you want to establish your company's team as the experts within your industry. This is accomplished by providing functional elements and information on your website that visitors can utilize to learn what separates your company from the competition. When you are able to separate your company from the rest of the industry, you are leaving an expectation with your website visitors that there is a value they are receiving that is different from that of your competition.

Once you are able to establish an effective communication strategy, and position yourself as an expert in your industry, your company's logo, colors and fonts can then come into play. When your current and prospective customers have positioned your company and services as the authority, these branding elements will become more impactful and lasting in your visitors mind when making a decision.

In the end when your website leaves a lasting brand impression that is favorable, you are positioning your company for success. The idea is that when your current and prospective customers are ready to make a buying decision, you are at the top of their mind and list of reputable companies to buy from. Leaving a brand impression is one of the main gains your company will enjoy with a world-class website that is engineered effectively.