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What Should Be Included In A Website Quote

One day while looking around at the websites of your competitors, you come to the immediate realization that your online presence is out-of-date and ineffective. You know what you want to market to your target audience, and what role your website will play into your communication strategy - but despite this clarity, it's just not coming together.

More challenging than knowing something is wrong, is knowing what to look for in a website quote, to ensure the agency that you retain has the ability to see your company's vision through.

When breaking down a website quote, the first thing to examine is the applying agency's portfolio. Is there a consistent focus on marketing, branding clarity, and overall user experience development? The website quote should clearly outline a strategy that is built around using elements of your current brand and existing marketing. The first step of the website process should be to develop the user interface with a logical and easy to navigate progression of information.

The next item of the website quote to look at is the project schedule and website process. It is important for you to ensure that you are included in the process with regular meetings and the ability to give your input throughout. When a schedule is determined it ensures everyone involved in the project has deadlines and is accountable for getting the site live in a reasonable amount of time.

Any examples of past projects also should provide client references. These references will give you the opportunity to contact previous clients for them to share experiences in developing their websites.

Finally, the website quote should include a detailed and transparent cost breakdown. You should be able to look at the website quote and see the cost of the base website, the various functional elements, and any additional options.

An effective Internet marketing agency will provide you with a detailed website quote that outlines the marketing and communication strategy, project scope and schedule, website examples, and cost breakdown. By having this understanding from the beginning, it will ensure you and your team are confident in the quality and efficiency of the service and website that that you will receive in the end.