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What To Look For When Considering A Website Designer

When looking to update your website and overall online presence, there are a few factors to consider in choosing the right website designer. Website design is more than just making your site look nice, it is ensuring that your site is an organized, clean and completely branded marketing tool.

Your website designer’s process should start with an effective wireframe. The wireframe is a functional blueprint that outlines where elements fall on the different page types of your site. The idea is to outline the user experience and the logical progression of information on your site prior to incorporating design elements.

Once the wireframes are approved, it is time for your website designer to implement various design ideas. When completing a website design, it is essential to maintain consistent spacing between elements. The industry standard for margins on a website is 960 pixels wide. Designing your website elements, and the most important information inside a 960 grid ensures that your website will be viewed effectively on most computer screens.

When implementing your design, the company’s branding colors and elements should be the main focus. When it comes down to it, your brand is how your current and prospective customers know you. The use of complimentary colors is great and can add some extra pop, but when it comes down to it, your website designer should be making your site’s branding colors the most dominant.

By following and implementing some of these basic guidelines, your website design should be well on its way to being a powerful and high-impact marketing tool for your company.

In summary, an effective business website design will be one that is:

• Presented in a way that is organized, making information easy to find
• Presented professionally with consistent spacing and maintaining appropriate margins
• Effectively branded, representing your company’s identity