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Why Having A Blog Is Important To Your Online Marketing Strategy

By now we have all heard the term blog countless times and know the important of having one on your website. What we find at The Website Marketing Agency is that our prospective clients know they should have a blog, but they aren’t quite sure why it is important.

A blog can be a great way for you to consistently communicate with your website visitors about the latest company and industry news, promotions and happenings. It is a great source of content for you to implement in other online marketing strategies, such as social media channels and email marketing. The online marketing experts at The Website Marketing Agency are firm believers in reusing content in multiple areas of your overall marketing strategy.

Consistently updating your blog with intriguing content and information will position your company as the industry expert. It is a great way to start building trust with your prospective customers. They will see that you are able to intelligently and creatively communicate your expertise. By doing this you building a relationship and report with your prospective clients before you even meet them face to face.

Lastly, having a blog is a great way to boost your Search Engine Optimization efforts. One of the main things that Google wants to provide it’s target audience (which is their searchers, not your business), is the most relevant search results for what they are looking for. One of the ways that Google looks at your website, is how often you are updating your website content. If they see that you are consistently adding new content, then you are an active and relevant business in their eyes. One great way to consistently update website copy is to have an integrated blog on your website.

So as you can see, having a blog is more than just putting a bunch of words on your website talking about your company. If done correctly, it can provide actual tangible results by educating your prospective customers about your business, building trust, and driving relevant website visitors to your website.