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Your Website May Look Nice, But Is It Functional?

While developing a website for your business it is easy to concentrate on the content and design of the site. As a business you know what you want to say to your customers about your products and services. The tricky part is how to provide that communication in ways that make the user experience easy and effective as opposed to overbearing and confusing.

Functionality is the means by which your users will easily be able to navigate and accomplish important tasks within your website. These tasks easily allow your current and potential customers to move throughout your site and communicate directly with your business or organization in unique and exciting ways. These functions could include your overall navigational structure, newsletter sign up, the ability to view videos, social media integration, the custom forms that are available for them to fill out, etc.

These elements are important because without them all your business is accomplishing is dictating a one way conversation. By carefully including various pieces of functionality, you are effectively allowing your visitors to uniquely interact directly with your company as opposed to you lecturing them on why your products and services are the best.

Utilizing effective functionality allows you to present information that is interesting, creative and engaging to an audience that consumes information in different ways. Some people want to find the information that they are looking for and move on, and others may want to research information in more detail. There are consumers that want to accomplish tasks directly on the site, while others may want a follow up call and speak to a representative. Some consumers like to read content while others like to experience information through video and other interactive means.

As a business, you need to ensure that you are communicating to all of these unique individuals without overwhelming them. By ensuring your website is functionally communicating to all of these current and potential customers, you are effectively maximizing every visit to your website.

The marketing experts at The Website Marketing Agency work with our customers to ensure we fully understand what the end goals of our client's site are. From there, we develop wireframes, or as we call it, a functional blueprint that effectively outlines the navigation, logical progression of information and functional elements that will accomplish our clients website goals.

In the end, our clients have the ability to fully communicate, manage, and develop the communication they have with their current and potential customers. These sites are truly used as marketing tools that effectively turned potential customers into active customers.